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Escorts for Sex: The Psychology of Men Looking for Escorts for Sex

With some politicians bogged with sex scandals whose immoral sexual habits are being known to the public, many ask: what makes them drive to do sex outside their wives and feel contented? What drives men crazy about those fantasized women hired for sex?

Businessmen and politicians who have had probably gained some powers upon themselves by satisfying their sexual urge through booking escorts, or hiring prostitutes, can often get them into addiction. Hiring escorts often have this kind of urge to prove to themselves their own powers over women.

What often is being perceived by men for the society is the prospect that women are creatures who need attention and security; that women, even wives who are already part of their lives, are weak and helpless without the masculinity of a man. Men have the thinking that women cannot live without men.

Of course, while all of these perceptions conditioned by society to men are entirely false, they intend to disappoint themselves when their wives or partners fail to meet their needs, including sexual. On the other hand, when expectations from the society are not met, this is when prostitutes are sought after.

Whether an escort who charges $1,000 per hour or a hooker who puts on the red light, it doesn’t matter for a man to selfishly satisfy his own desire. As long as she gives him what he needs, he will pay whatever the amount is.

The bottom line is that escorts are attracted to men due to men’s selfish wants and objectivism about the man-woman affair. Due to a man’s role in his family, as a father and husband, the stress and pressures will come in. On the process of being the head of the family, he does not see the importance anymore of him as a man. He doesn’t care anymore what her wife needs sexually.

With millions of men attracted to escorts, still you can’t figure out why they keep on coming back for more, maybe because of the ladies’ overwhelming beauties.

If you’re one of those men, view the escorts in Perth and see what they have in store for you.


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